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How to Start a Conversation: 12 Easy Ways To Start a Conversation With Anyone

It’s not all about the words, though. A big part of a successful conversation has to do with what the rest of you is doing while your lips are moving (or while the other person’s are).

So, whether you’re struggling to think of topics to talk about, or you’re preoccupied with whether you’ll manage to alienate this new person in record time without even trying, take a moment and read the tips that follow.

Then, when you’re faced with someone new, try to remember that you have at least as good a chance at making a good impression on the other person as they have of making a good impression on you.

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So, smile and focus on the present. Take a moment to breathe, and stop worrying about past mistakes and future unknowns. They’re not invited to this conversation. You are invited, and you decide how you’ll respond to the next new person you meet.

How to start a difficult conversation

1. Ask permission

Use a simple phrase such as “I’d like to catch up, do you have a moment?”, or if the conversation is likely to be longer and a meeting would be better, “I’d like to schedule some time next week to discuss ____, is that OK?”.

Asking permission creates buy-in and commitment on the part of the other person. You’re starting with a mutual commitment to the conversation, which is exactly where you want to be.

2. Keep it short

When you launch into the conversation you many feel nervous, it’s tempting to ramble. Also, it feels safe to talk, you’re in control. But the longer you are talking the more the emotions are rising, and the more likely it is that the other person is shifting negative.

3. Keep your tone light, let the message speak for itself

It’s a difficult conversation. It’s not going to get any easier if you plaster anguish all over your face and weigh down your tone with too much gravity. Keep it conversational, keep an easy expression on your face.

Downloadable and Printable List of Best Flirty Conversation Starters

Downloadable list of conversation starters

What makes a good flirty question?

Good flirty questions are open-ended. While yes/no questions are much easier to ask, especially when you are trying to do a pick-up style of flirting, open-ended flirty questions encourage better communication.

What’s a good flirty way to start a conversation before asking out your crush?

Everyone likes to be appreciated, so try to throw out a compliment or two. Tell them that they look great in the shirt they’re wearing. Comment something nice about them, their hair, or whatever you see. These compliments will unarm them, giving you a better chance at asking them out.

What are some seductive words?

Whatever word you say, when you say it seductively, they become “seductive words.” With this in mind, when we’re with someone we like, our voices tend to go higher, and we speak faster. When you want to say something seductive, try to lower your voice and speak a bit slowly.

How do you throw hints at your crush?

Showing affection is the best hint to throw at your crush. Smile at them, lightly brush the small of their skin every once in a while, give them compliments- these are some of the usual hints you can throw at them. But they won’t be entirely sure unless you tell them directly of your feelings.

How do you flirt but stay classy?

Keeping distance is the key to keep your class while flirting with your crush. A true lady knows when to wait and hold back. Don’t try to spend the whole day with him, but only give him some of your time. When you hold back, and he realizes that he’s missing your company, he’ll come for you.

How To Pick The Best Flirty Conversation Starters

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Anything that makes us want to flirt can be overwhelming. These openers are hard to dive into if you’re not sure about your goal. However, you need not worry because we’ve got what you need to consider when choosing the most suitable conversation starters for you.

1. Who Are You Talking To?

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Consider the person that you’re talking to. Is he someone that you’re already close to, or is he someone that you just met? Choose lines that you know would be appropriate to the person you’re talking to. Don’t choose ones that would be too forward for someone you just met.

2. What Makes You Comfortable?

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You also have to consider yourself when choosing the right questions. Choose the lines that you know you’ll be comfortable saying and talking about. You won’t be able to flirt effectively if you don’t feel comfortable.

3. What Will Help You Have Fun?

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These are questions to help you flirt, so have fun! Don’t be too focused on hitting it right. Let loose and enjoy yourself. That’s the most important thing when you’re trying to flirt and start a discussion.



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