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We wanted to create a website that talks to people about the latest scientific discoveries, or just interesting things related to science in general. So, not only we will keep you updated about new things, but also talk to you about things you probably knew nothing about. It is our passion, so we will make sure to keep you posted.

People need to be educated, and if they are interested in science, that’s a great thing. When we didn’t know how to express our love to this amazing branch, we came up with the idea to create a blog. We are now able to keep doing the research we so much love, and we also have the chance to connect with many other science enthusiasts around the world. What’s better than meeting people who share the same interests?

We will regularly update this blog with information from every field of the earth, physical, biological and applied sciences. Moreover, we will make sure to provide you with evidence and pictures, links to certain academic studies or journals. In addition, you will also have links to certain encyclopedic terms and related research.

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